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A joyful heart is good medicine...

Proverbs 17:22

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There's nothing like a good campfire. There's something about an evening by the fire that's medicinal to the soul. There's nothing like the ability to have one, weather permitting, right in your back yard.

Mark this as reason # 1,000,001 that we love our country way of life.

One of our favorite ways to unwind after the end of a busy day is to sit back and enjoy a fire. While the boys hunt relentlessly for twigs, branches, paper and anything else that will fuel the fire, Dorthie and I sit and enjoy each other's company. I'm always humbled by the beautiful country night sky. It's at times like this I feel closest to God. I'm honestly not positive what is is - maybe it's looking up at the stars and realizing just how small we really are.

There with my beautiful wife and two healthy boys, my heart is content.

Some of the best conversations with our boys and each other happen around a campfire.  The boys think it's just about having some fun as a family, but I do it with very intentional motives.  There's just something about the peaceful night fire and seclusion from all the distractions (phones, tables, games, TV, etc) that allow us to just sit and talk as a family. We discuss our day, dreams for the future, what we are thankful for, LOTS of laughter, etc.. The list goes on. It's my hope that our boys have these memories for years to come and that they have a positive, Godly impact on them.

Some really simple things like glow sticks make the night even more fun!


We give the boys glow sticks (because they are awesome), but also because they enable us to see them roaming around in the dark. They work great for this purpose. The boys love to wear them as necklaces or even attach them to the zip-line and watch as a colored blur of light rushes by! I have to admit it's pretty cool to watch.

The glow sticks we buy are here:

25 Lumistick 6" Premium 15mm Industrial Grade Glowsticks - Assorted Colors

They seem to have a long shelf life and last for hours. These are also a little more heavy duty than the cheap ones we've bought at WalMart in the past.

Of course Max get's his own!

Here's a photo from a couple weeks back of the boys on the zip line at night!

Life is so busy for us right now, I savor these moments as much as possible. It's so easy to get caught up in the grind that we often forget to sit back and enjoy what's right in front of us.

I challenge my fellow country folk to spend one night a month enjoying a campfire with the family. I promise it's time well spent.

God Bless, love you guys!


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