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Ducklings First Time in Water

· Ducklings

Today was the first time the Ducklings got to play in water. It was an adventure!

Dorthie wanted sooo badly to get the Ducks into some water. I wasn't too excited that the kitchen sink was the destination for this endeavor, but as with most things, happy wife, happy life! I'm kidding of course - I have to admit it was a lot of fun.

First we plugged the sink and an some tap water to lukewarm. Then we put the ducklings in 2 at a time to get used to the feel of it and the rise of the water level. At first they were a little skittish of the water. Slowly they walked closer to the running water and explored.

In no time they were swimming around.

Aside from being a little camera shy these girls were ecstatic to be in the water! It was pretty cool to see how they instinctively start to clean themselves.

Major fail on my part I forgot to get the "After" pictures of them all fluffy and clean. They did great!

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